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BOB 57 FPV Drone: Our Favorite FPV Drone for Cinematography

BOB 57 FPV Drone iFlight

At Drone Ops, we live and breathe drones. As a dedicated drone photography and video

company, we have had the pleasure of flying and capturing breathtaking footage with various drones. Among the wide range of options available in the market, there is one drone

that holds a special place in our hearts—the BOB 57 FPV drone. In this blog post, we want to share with you why this exhilarating machine has become our favorite tool when it comes to an FPV shoot.

What makes the BOB 57 Stand Out?

The iFlight BOB57 is a groundbreaking cinematic FPV drone that showcases the seamless collaboration between Ellis van Jason and the drone company iFlight.

Prop Size:

Designed specifically for cinematic and freestyle flights, the 6-inch BOB 57 combines the best of both 5-inch and 7-inch drones (hence the name BOB 57) to deliver exceptional agility and flight time.

7-inch drones are known for their long lasting flight times, but when it comes to agility they lack agility compared to a 5-inch drone. 5-inch drones have the best agility and maneuverability but have short flight times. The BOB 57 being a 6-inch drone sits in between them and is a hybrid of the both.

The Frame:

The BOB 57 has a H shaped frame which we like alot. The frame shape has the traditional “x” or cross shape with the arms which makes the drone arms symmetrical, giving it that traditional freestyle frame. As compared to deadcat where the arms in the front are wider apart than the back so that way the camera doesn’t get the props in the shot. With the BOB 57 FPV drone though since the body of the drone is long it can keep the traditional “x” shape with the arms not getting in the shot.

The long shape of the frame also allows for up to 3000mAh 6S Lipo batteries. You can run pretty much whatever 6s battery you would like on this drone. Also putting a lithium ion battery on allows for really long flight times up to 20 mins.

BOB 57 FPV Drone iFlight

Additional Features We Like

Safety is also prioritized with the integration of high-end GPS technology, reducing the risk of failure during proximity flights. With built-in spike absorbers, the ESC offers increased reliability. We also like the built-in BEC that powers a GoPro camera directly. This way you can ditch some weight of the gopro battery and just use the power off the lipo battery. The XT60 connector for a battery is also built into the frame and sits at the front of the drone. This allows for the battery to sit more on the back of the drone to counterbalance a camera. The sides of the drone are protected by 3D printed paneling, this keeps water, sand, and dirt away from the components inside the drone.

Unrivaled Flight Performance for Jaw-Dropping Shots:

As professional drone pilots, we demand exceptional flight performance from our aerial tools, and the BOB 57 FPV drone never fails to deliver. Its powerful brushless motors provide a level of control and precision that allows us to execute daring maneuvers, capture dynamic footage, and push the boundaries of creativity. Whether we're chasing cars, exploring rugged terrains, or capturing stunning cinematic sequences, the BOB 57 FPV drone ensures smooth, stable flights with jaw-dropping results.

Get the BOB 57 Today

When it comes to capturing awe-inspiring aerial adventures, the BOB 57 FPV drone has truly won our hearts.Whether we're pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling or capturing long range footage, the BOB 57 FPV drone consistently delivers the breathtaking shots we seek. Join us in embracing the exhilarating world of aerial adventures with the BOB 57 FPV drone—your gateway to capturing the extraordinary from above!

We recommend buying directly from iFlight here.


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